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 Dr Omeri, an Iranian who grew up in Tehran, is a registered nurse (RN) and midwife (RM). She
earned her Diploma in Nursing from the School of Nursing, American University of Beirut-Lebanon,
and Midwifery Certificate in UK. Winning a government scholarship, she pursued her Bachelor of
Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master of Nursing (MN) with a minor in both Maternal-Child Health
Nursing and Nursing Education Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle,
Washington, USA. In 1996 at the University of Sydney, NSW Australia, she completed a Doctorate
of Philosophy (PhD) in Transcultural nursing, the first in Australia.

During the early years of her nursing career, she was employed as one of the nursing education
advisors in the Division of Nursing, Ministry of Public Health in Tehran. In this position she was
involved in the development of policy guidelines for the establishment of schools of nursing and
supervised implementation of several such schools in a number of cities in Iran. She also taught
several courses in nursing at Firoozgar School of Nursing in Tehran. She was involved in preparation
of, and supervision of National Nursing Examinations for National registration of Nurses.
In Australia prior to taking up an appointment as Team Leader of Newtown Community Health Care
Centre (NCCC), Central Sydney Health Service, from 1976-1990, Dr Omeri taught at Prince Henry and
Prince of  Wales Hospital School of Nursing. She was then invited to join the Regional Teacher
Training Centre, WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Personnel Education as Research fellow at the
University of New South Wales.

In 1976 she took up the position of Team Leader at Newtown Community Health Care Centre,
central Sydney Health Service where she remained until 1990. During these years, she worked with
a multidisciplinary team, providing comprehensive multidisciplinary health care and social-welfare
services to a multicultural population in the inner city of Sydney. Dr Omeri's move to academia and
the School of Nursing, Cumberland College of Heath Sciences in 1990 and subsequent leadership in
Transcultural nursing in Australia, was motivated by her experience in community health nursing.

In the School of Nursing, Cumberland College of Health Sciences and in the Faculty of Nursing, University
of Sydney NSW, Dr Omeri, introduced and taught Transcultural nursing also child and family nursing,
community nursing, health promotion, primary health care, maternal-child and family health. Since
completing her doctorate in Transcultural nursing in 1996 Dr Omeri has consolidated her position as a
leading advocate, practitioner, researcher and educator in Transcultural nursing within Australia and

Dr Omeri's academic and experiential record qualifies her as an expert in Transcultural nursing.
Recognized by the Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS, Global) as a Certified Transcultural Nurse
she holds Advanced Certification in Transcultural Nursing (CTN-A) awarded by Transcultural Nursing
(Global) Certification Commission Board. To date, she is the only nurse in Australia to hold this
certification. She was recognized as a TCN-Scholar in 2005 by the Transcultural Nursing Society
and as of 2014 remains the first international member scholar of the TCN Society.

Her diverse and extensive publications are reflective of her commitment to promoting TCN scholarship
in TCN education, research and practice worldwide. Her research interests include refugees, asylum seekers,
immigrants and Indigenous Australians.

Dr Omeri maintains a global perspective in nursing and in Transcultural nursing. She has travelled the
world and studied in diverse countries and institutions. Her passion for Transcultural nursing is
combined with a lifetime of study and work globally. (Link to CV).


I dedicate my work through this website primarily to nursing students, clinicians, health care
managers, administrators and academics who seek to improve their capacity to care appropriately
and competently for people and clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds through
Transcultural nursing education, research, practice and advocacy in Australia.

This website is also dedicated to those who support and encourage me to share my message.

"We must become the change we want to see."
 (Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948)


Dr Omeri is a respected academic alumnus of the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Nursing and
Cumberland College of Health Sciences. A Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, now the
Australian College of Nursing, she earned her PhD in Transcultural Nursing from the University of
Sydney, completing the first study in this field in Australia. Today Dr Omeri is a leading advocate in
Transcultural nursing with a national and international reputation as an educator and researcher in
this field of nursing practice.

Her doctoral research shed insight into the health beliefs and practices of Iranian immigrants in
Australia within a mono-cultural health system. Her work led to the development of an extensive
body of literature examining the cultural diversity of different client groups, particularly immigrants,
refugees and indigenous groups, and the promotion of culturally congruent, evidence-based
strategies and practices.

An acknowledged national leader of transcultural nursing she is recognized internationally by the
Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) as a Certified Transcultural Nurse (TCN-Advanced) and as a
Transcultural Nursing scholar. She has received national recognition for her work in this field
with the award of the Order of Australia (OAM).

She has taught the theory, concepts and practice of transcultural nursing in schools of nursing in
Australia, Iran, USA and Saudi Arabia as a member of faculty and has taught them to students in
disciplines other than nursing.

An innovator in teaching methods she has developed curricula, designed courses, and adapted
programs to suit the context of, not only Australian tertiary education settings, but to meet the
education requirements of linguistically and culturally different student groups particularly in the
practice areas of child and family health, palliative care and aged care.

As a TCN consultant, due to her broad experience in implementing transcultural nursing concepts in
clinical settings and her reputation as a scholar, she is sought out, nationally and internationally, to
supervise, guide and support nursing students and faculty at all levels of academic development,
particularly those caring for diverse population groups and wishing to engage in transcultural nursing
practice or to qualify as TCN nurses.

Partnering with the former Royal College of Nursing, Australia she established a TCN Society and a
network of TCN nurses which led the formulation of a TCN policy adopted nationally by the
Australian College  of Nursing (ACN) (Link to ACN Policy).

Dr Omeri promotes transcultural nursing as a pathway to the globalization of the nursing profession
for embedded in its practice are opportunities for improving the health of communities world-wide
through informed, culturally congruent care and leadership.

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